Opportunities for both personal and career development

The Navmi Group is one of the largest Firms In Manglore. It employs a total of nearly 200 employees. The group is known for providing its employees a healthy working environment, with opportunities for both personal and career development.

So, what's it like working in Navmi Group? it's what you make it! We always look for dynamic, energetic and customer-oriented people who share our values. We take pride in what we do and how we do it. Our values are based around:

1.Customer focus
3.Personal impact
4.Respect and support
5.Making things happen

We're a fast moving organisation and are always seeking new or improved ways to help customers shop with us. Retailing is a very competitive business, We think you'd enjoy working with us and we could help each other to secure a promising and fulfilling future

Feel free to contact us for any queries and orders.